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澳门真人娱乐首页 has more than 40 student-run clubs and organizations. Find the one that's the right fit for you!




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The Holyoke 职业生涯衣橱 seeks to provide appropriate business attire to students who have scheduled interviews for jobs and internships.


The 看着 Program provides short term care for children ages 6 weeks - 12 years old while their parents are on campus! Our trained and caring staff will provide supervision and age appropriate activities for the length of one 澳门真人娱乐首页 class at a time, or for the duration of an on-campus appointment (like advising, 辅导, or other support services or meetings). 详情可参阅 在这里.

儿童之家 offers full-time childcare on the 澳门真人娱乐首页 campus for infant, toddler, preschool, and school-age children. Nationally accredited, quality programming is offered year-round, Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Community Partnership grants, vouchers, and contracted subsidies are available for eligible families. 联系 or 413.538.7742.


疲于奔命? Pull up to the POD Express (near Student 活动 in the Donahue building), 或者去Fine的Forum Cafe & 表演艺术大楼. 计划会议? 澳门真人娱乐首页 caters to groups large and small.

残疾 & 聋人服务

If you are a disabled or Deaf student, the Office of 学生 with Disabilities & 聋人服务 (OSDDS) will help you access needed accommodations and support services. If you are a family member of a Deaf or disabled student, 或澳门真人娱乐首页的教职员工, OSDDS staff can provide consultation, 信息, and resources to help you support your student.


任何澳门真人娱乐首页学生都不应该挨饿! 澳门真人娱乐首页 offers a food pantry with groceries, as well as the 住宅市场 on the second floor of Frost. SNAP is accepted for fresh food and produce, as well as canned and boxed basics, so you can skip the grocery store en route from college to home.


The 住宅市场 offers fresh produce, 快餐, 食品储藏室必需品, 以及其他家居用品. 提前接受!


We have an agreement with AIC that allows 澳门真人娱乐首页 students to live in residence halls and apartments on the AIC campus in Springfield. Click 在这里 for more info or contact Tom Stewart at or 413.552.2162.


澳门真人娱乐首页 provides access to free menstrual products at most buildings on campus.

心理健康 & 咨询

澳门真人娱乐首页's 心理健康 Center offers a broad range of programs and services to assist students in dealing with life's challenges and stresses before they become insurmountable. 


Hit with an unexpected car repair or utility bill? Don't let it derail your education! The President's 学生应急基金 was created to help 澳门真人娱乐首页 students stay on track.


Are you struggling with food or housing insecurity? Do you need help applying for SNAP or MassHealth benefits? Curious about how to balance your budget? Have questions about improving your credit? 你在处理法律问题吗? Thrive will help you create a plan to get you closer to achieving your goals and building a more stable future.


澳门真人娱乐首页 has more than 40 student-run clubs and organizations. Find the one that's the right fit for you!