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学生们这学期跟着教授上英语101课 伊丽莎白Trobaugh 在最近的一堂课上,他花了一部分时间讨论“大自然的培育”," an article by writer Kirsten Weir that describes the cognitive and emotional benefits of spending time outdoors. 过了一会儿, 他们在澳门真人娱乐首页院落, 手里有黑桃, 种植牛眼向日葵, 紫色aster, 蝴蝶乳草属植物, 紫锥菊(a.k.a. 浅). “时刻前, 我们在教室里谈论与自然的联系,特罗博说, 现在他们确实在做这件事." The exercise was part of a service learning project Trobaugh designed that takes on the 澳门真人娱乐首页 campus as its community partner for the semester. "For English 101, many professors choose to build their courses around a theme," she said. "And the theme I've been doing for a number of years now is the relationship between humanity and nature, 那是因为这对我很重要. 我喜欢这个主题.她的学生似乎也很喜欢. "College is about experiences, more than just limiting yourself to the classroom," said student 艾迪·威廉姆斯, 左,在上面的照片中,与种植伙伴 奇迹Golphin. “这是澳门真人娱乐首页网址把你学到的东西变成你的生活.特罗博说 she chose those four specific plants because they are all pollinator-friendly perennials native to New England. “他们属于这里,”她说. "They all have flowers that attract pollinators like bees and moths and hummingbirds and butterflies, 它们都倾向于在夏末开花, 初秋. 希望是, 一年后, 这些学生大多还在校园里, 他们会看到自己种的花."

Nursing student 加芙阿廷 checks the vital signs on a patient in the 澳门真人娱乐首页 模拟 Center.

对于从事保健教育工作的人来说,9月11日这一周. 18岁是个特别的日子, even if it didn't get much media attention - National Healthcare 模拟 Week. "It's a week that celebrates simulation across healthcare and 教育al institutions," said 米歇尔Sherlin她是澳门真人娱乐首页健康教育中心模拟实验室的协调员 & 模拟. "It recognizes the positive impact that simulation 有 on the practice and quality of patient care.“澳门真人娱乐首页的模拟中心包括四个私人病人模拟室, 两个半私人的病人模拟室, 三个控制室, 两个汇报室, and two larger multi-bed lab spaces that can be transformed into acute or community environments, 学生可以在哪里提升他们的教育和技能. "模拟 is important because it allows students and healthcare professionals to practice in a safe environment, 改善病人护理,谢林说. 本周, second-year nursing students had one of their first opportunities to engage with the 澳门真人娱乐首页 simulators, examining one patient who had suffered a heart attack and another experiencing congestive heart failure. "So the students were able to compare and contrast the different clinical presentations of those two patients and put into practice what they learned this week in lecture." 上图:护理系学生 加芙阿廷 of Westfield checks the vital signs on a patient in one of the 澳门真人娱乐首页 simulation rooms.

澳门真人娱乐首页 阀杆学生Johnny Garcia, 24岁

While Cape Cod is known for many of its natural features, orbicella is not typically one of them. 作为澳门真人娱乐首页环境科学专业 约翰尼·加西亚24岁 最近解释, 圆藻是一种主要生活在温暖水域的珊瑚礁物种, 比如加勒比海和墨西哥湾. 不过, Garcia spent his summer studying orbicella in a research lab at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Falmouth as part of a three-month internship for community college students interested in 阀杆 fields. “Orbicella受到全球变暖和疾病的严重影响,”他说. “我们正在测试哪种微量营养素可能有助于珊瑚健康.“除了实验室的工作, 实习包括讲课, 研讨会, 实地考察, 包括夜间短途旅行去观察生物发光, 他说它们看起来像黑暗海水中的萤火虫. “他们想让我们接触到外面的世界,加西亚说。, 他在霍利奥克长大,以前从未去过科德角. “那只是我直接进入了深渊. 没有浅水区之类的. 我只是一头扎进去.他的意思是打个比方. “不,我没有去潜水,”他澄清道. “不过,我们确实坐了一艘帆船,沿着海岸游了一圈. 很可怕的." He credits the 澳门真人娱乐首页 阀杆 Scholars program for giving him the confidence to pursue the internship, where he worked alongside undergraduates as well as  graduate students working on their Ph.D.'s. “阀杆领域可能令人生畏,”他说. “我真的很感谢阀杆澳门真人娱乐首页网址, 还有其他帮助过我的澳门真人娱乐首页网址, 比如埃尔森特罗, 阿拉娜, 和三个. 他们都像我的村庄." PHOTO: Johnny Garcia holds a 3-D printed shark during an 澳门真人娱乐首页 阀杆 week program last spring.

Julissa结肠 '13, 埃尔森特罗电视台的导演 Julissa结肠9月在MassLive上. 17日,作为西班牙裔传统月系列简介的一部分. "MassLive asked readers to identify people who are emerging Hispanic leaders throughout the state, 努力在自己感兴趣的领域有所作为, 是政治吗?, 教育, 商业还是艺术,作家克里斯·麦克劳克林说. “这些都是我们的读者认为鼓舞人心的人, 谁可能在为他们的社区做好事. They are being recognized for their accomplishments, leadership and commitment to inspire change.“这个故事, “Julissa结肠帮助拉丁裔学生在澳门真人娱乐首页取得成功,”  recounts how Colón was raised a proud Puerto Rican by her mother in Springfield's North End and found her passion in various human service roles helping those with disabilities, 心理健康问题, 以及处于危机中的家庭, 最终降落在澳门真人娱乐首页, 她现在是埃尔森特罗的主管. "I would encourage people who want to do the work of helping and supporting others to start right now in their own sphere of influence,Colón告诉MassLive. “不管你是高中生, 刚毕业的大学生, 或者是处于事业巅峰的人, 你周围都有一个社区,在那里你可以创造改变."


Holyoke Community College was selected as the Best College or University in the Pioneer Valley in the Springfield Republican / MassLive Reader 语无伦次地说s poll for 2024. This was the second year in a row that Republican and MassLive readers voted 澳门真人娱乐首页 as their number one choice. "It is an honor to be named best college or university by Reader 语无伦次地说s and is especially exciting to repeat the honor for the second year,乔治·蒂蒙斯总统说. “这完全是我们教师的功劳, 工作人员, 董事会领导, 校友, and donors who create the environment in which our students can succeed and thrive. 我们的创新澳门真人娱乐首页观, 协作, 善良, 包容和信任指引着我们所做的一切, 当你深深扎根于自己的澳门真人娱乐首页观, 更大的社区也感受到了这一点." 澳门真人娱乐首页 also received the number one spot as Best Two-Year College for 2023 for the 10th 连续一年在《澳门真人娱乐首页》的年度读者选择奖中名列前茅, while 澳门真人娱乐首页's 看着 received the number one spot for Best Day Care establishment and the 澳门真人娱乐首页 MGM 烹饪艺术 Institute took second place for Best Cooking School. PHOTO: 澳门真人娱乐首页 President George Timmons celebrates 澳门真人娱乐首页's Reader 语无伦次地说s recognition with members of the 澳门真人娱乐首页 Student Senate. 

最近退休的澳门真人娱乐首页院长 克里斯蒂娜皇家罗亚尔总统头像被马萨诸塞州州长任命为马萨诸塞州高等教育委员会成员. 莫拉T. 希利. Royal, who lives in Northampton, was one of three new board appointments announced 9月. 19. “公平是我们政府的核心. I'm proud to be appointing members of the Board of Higher Education who share this commitment and will work to expand access to affordable, 为每一个学生提供高质量的高等教育,希利说. The 13-member Board of Higher Education is the statutorily created agency in Massachusetts responsible for defining the mission of and coordinating the Commonwealth's system of public higher 教育 and its institutions. "I am grateful to serve on the Board of Higher Education for Massachusetts and look forward to supporting our system of public higher 教育 in a new capacity,罗亚尔说。. “当了7年的澳门真人娱乐首页主席, 公平是一个重要的优先事项, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to continue this work at the state level, 支持我们的学生和机构.今年7月,罗雅尔结束了她作为澳门真人娱乐首页第四任总裁的任期.